Dana has been with Rollette Chiropractic Center since 1991. She handles primarily billing and insurance claims, but steps in to help out at the front desk when she's needed. Also, she is currently doing our Foot Levelers foot scan, which examines patients' feet to see if there's an imbalance that will affect the condition of the spine. If you need an orthotic insert, Dana is the lady to see.


Melissa often manages the front desk. She's a familiar (and friendly) face there, having been with Rollette Chiropractic Center since 1995. Melissa is available to help with each patient's specific needs,  such as scheduling or changing appointments, structuring payment plans, and obtaining x-rays. She also coordinates a number of office activities and events.


Maria has performed an integral role with the Rollette Chiropractic team since 2013. New patients spend a lot of time in Maria's care, as she assists with consultations and performs scans and x-rays. Maria's calm, gentle manner helps to put new patients at ease and ensures that the results of their examinations prove to be as accurate and helpful as possible.


Brittany is happy to serve wherever she's needed most, often moving from the front desk to the x-ray room and everywhere in between. She has been part of the Rollette Chiropractic Center family for a number of years. She and her parents became patients here in 2007, and she officially joined the team in 2012. Brittany is also currently enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University.


Emily handles marketing and community outreach for Rollette Chiropractic Center. Her responsibilities include managing social media and website content, coordinating events and screenings, and scheduling wellness talks for various businesses, agencies, and organizations.  Emily joined the Rollette Chiropractic team in 2014.



Lindsay primarily works with new patients, completing consultations and scans to help the doctors address their needs. However, she also helps to administer laser therapy, performs re-examinations for current patients, and demonstrates supplemental therapies for patients to use at home. Lindsay has been a part of the Rollette Chiropractic team since 2016.

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Holly has been a massage therapist for five years, and joined the Rollette Chiropractic Center team in 2016. She enjoys helping others heal faster and feel rejuvenated through massage therapy.


Abbie has been a faithful member of the Rollette Chiropractic team since 2005. She takes her job very seriously, and has made it her personal mission to comfort, entertain, and bring a smile to the faces of our patients every single day. Best of all, she works for belly rubs!