Kids, teachers, and parents are getting ready to head back to school this month, and the rest of us are gearing up for a change of seasons and (eventually) some big holidays. We at Rollette Chiropractic Center want you to be in the best shape possible for these transitions, inside and out. 

Challenge of the Month

Supine Bridge.jpg

The supine bridge is a great exercise for the gluteal muscles. While the glutes are the primary focus, the supine bridge also works all thigh and hip muscles (e.g. hamstrings, quadriceps, etc), and even the abs.

Visit our page on the 31-Day Supine Bridge Challenge for full details on how to participate, including an instructional video.



Product of the Month

Probiotics kid.gif

We've learned in recent years that the vast majority of the body's mucus membranes (which represent the first line of defense for the immune system) are contained in the body's digestive system. Research based on this finding has repeatedly demonstrated that there's a direct relationship between gut health and overall health--physical and mental.

Rollette Chiropractic Center wants to help you give your children the best start to maintain optimal health as they head back to school this month by offering 15% off all probiotics sold in our office. They can help your kids (and you!) feel better, think better, move better, and stay well when the school-related bugs start going around.