Here's to New Beginnings!

A new year means another chance for a fresh start! For many people, there's no more logical time to focus on positive change than the month of January. Let Rollette Chiropractic Center be your guide in rejuvenating your body, renewing your mindset, restructuring your habits, and rebooting your lifestyle to make 2019 your best year yet.


Product of the month: vitamin k2

Many of us associate Vitamin K with blood clotting, but what our part of the world has been slow to realize is that clotting is the function of only one form of Vitamin K (known as K1). Other forms of Vitamin K, known collectively as K2, appear to play a far more diverse and potentially important role in the functioning of the human body—and the U.S. population appears to be as deficient in natural sources of K2 as it is in knowledge of K2’s likely impact on bone density, heart disease, and many other critical health issues.



be a planking champ

be a planking champ

31-Day planking challenge

Holding your body roughly parallel to the ground by balancing on your forearms and toes--an exercise commonly known as planking--is great for strengthening abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles surrounding the pelvis. These muscle groups are known as the core, because they provide stability for the entire body. Strengthening the core can make it easier to perform a number of activities, and promotes optimal posture and can help to reduce back pain.

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Product spotlight

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration for many people, but the busy schedules and unhealthy indulgences can also take a toll on your body. What better way to hit the "reset" button than by starting the year off with a safe and natural detox cleanse from Standard Process? This kit comes with everything you need to successfully complete a 7-day cleanse and get back on the path to physical wellness.  

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Massage Spotlight

The holidays have just passed, and we had plenty of time to enjoy some of our favorite foods. Unfortunately, many of them are loaded with sugar, processed ingredients, and proteins that promote inflammation. Help your body eliminate these harmful substances with a massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and flush out toxins.