July is when we celebrate the birth of a free nation, but it's also a great time to consider how our lives can improve when we're free from disease and dysfunction. It's also a great month to get ourselves in shape to spend lots of time outdoors, stay cool in the heat, beat the mosquitoes, and stave off any summer-vacation induced headaches. 


Tired of being mosquito bait?

• Some studies show that taking a supplement rich in thiamine (Vitamin B1) repels mosquitoes

• Any excess B vitamins are easily excreted by the body, making thiamine a safe option for keeping mosquitoes at bay

• Douglas Laboratories B-Complex is high in thiamine, containing 50 mg per capsule


Challenge of the Month: Lunges

A walking lunge is considered a basic lunge with a boost. This move only works your glutes and hamstrings. Walking lunges also make for a great active stretch of the hip flexors, so incorporate them into your warmup or cooldown.

Walking Lunge.jpg
Modified Lunge.jpg
31 Day Lunge.jpg
Lunge person.jpg

If you need a more visually-based representation of this exercise, click the video below to watch a demonstration.

Massage Spotlight: Headache Relief

Headache person.jpg


Did you know that massage therapy can help with headaches? Massage can relieve muscle tension and reduce the inflammation that causes headaches.

For more information on how massage can relieve headaches, or to book a special massage session for headaches, contact our Front Desk at (985) 345-9504.



Product of the Month: Ice Packs

Both large and small ice packs are discounted 15% for the month of July! Not only are these items great for relieving pain and inflammation, but a cool ice pack around the neck can help you avoid heatstroke when you're spending time outdoors.

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Small Ice Pack.jpg

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