October 2018

As we head into Fall, Rollette Chiropractic Center wants to help you stay healthy inside and out! Our Product of the Month helps boost your ability to fight infection, while our Challenge of the Month and Featured Massage can help reduce stress and keep you moving.

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Product of the Month

Prominent researcher Michael Holick estimates that over half of the U.S. population may be suffering from the effects of Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency, which can lead to an increase in inflammatory disorders and bone weakness. Decreasing sun angle in the fall and winter can worsen this deficiency. This month, stock up on this essential vitamin with a special 15% discount.

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Featured Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy offers many benefits, including (but not limited to) reduction in chronic pain, stabilization of blood pressure, improvement in flexibility and range of motion, relief from stress, and rehabilitation of injured muscles. All of these benefits can serve to further increase the function of your immune system, which is especially important this time of year.

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Challenge of the Month

Stretching improves your performance in physical activities, decreases your risk of injuries, helps your joints move through their full range of motion, enables your muscles to work effectively, and helps to reduce muscle fatigue when done after a workout. However, many people skip this vital step in their exercise routine. Learn more about how to incorporate stretching into your healthy habits with our 31-Day Stretch Challenge.