Office Policies

Scheduling and Payment Plans

Recently, our office concluded that we needed to modify our policy regarding scheduling and payments. The purpose of this page is to explain the reasoning behind this change.

What we have noticed:

  • We have increasing numbers of practice members who want to take steps to improve their overall health, but who are subject to financial constraints or insurance limitations that dictate the care they receive.
  • We have tried to accommodate these practice members with pay-as-you-go arrangements and flexible scheduling, but the unfortunate result is that many stopped care due to the lack of commitment inherent in this approach.
  • Invariably, the problem would return, and the practice member would then return--which ultimately cost that practice member more time and money than was originally required to prevent the problem from recurring in the first place. As with many New Year's resolutions, there was nothing but good intent, but the goal was never achieved.

In our office, we want only the best for our practice members. That translates to helping you to attain optimal health, without allowing insurance limitations, finances, or busy calendars to interfere. We have therefore decided to renew our commitment to practice members who are equally committed to succeeding in their health goals.

In recognition of the value of your time and money: 

  • We have automated all of our processes for the convenience of everyone involved. Costs will be paid up front, payments will be handled by computer, and appointments will be scheduled in advance.
  • The natural result is that our office will run more efficiently, our staff will not be burdened with additional procedures, and fewer supplies will be used--thus guaranteeing that your long-term investment in our office offers the most benefit to you, the practice member.

However, the chief advantage of this system is that we believe that the commitment it entails will offer the greatest possible positive results in terms of your health. For example, if you join a gym and plan to start an exercise program, you are far more likely to follow through when you know that you are obligated to meet your trainer at a specific time and have already paid for your membership than when nothing in particular compels you to be there on any given day. We do not have it in our power to grant you real health any more than the mere act of joining a gym will grant you physical fitness. We do, however, devote ourselves to helping you to obtain real health.

We hope this explanation aids in understanding the motivation for this change in policy. We also realize that this type of structure may not represent what all of our practice members are looking for from our office, and we pledge to help you in any way we can to find an office that may be more compatible with your desires.