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Rachel’s Story

"I was desperate, in pain, and sleep deprived when I found our chiropractors on the internet. I was immediately impressed with the professional, friendly staff and educational materials that are so available. I believe properly applied knowledge is power to be free to be all I was meant to be."

Rachel and family in 2006

Rachel and family in 2006

Within a few adjustments I was beginning to realize that a life with little or no pain might be possible. WlTHOUT drugs. Many of my back, leg and shoulder problems are the direct result of being a mother. I have three children. I had a lot of “sciatic nerve” problems and neck and shoulder problems from carrying children. The pain kept me awake many nights but if it was not the pain, it was the youngest child. Garrett had not slept well since he was born. He had terrible “colic.” At ten months old, if he slept more than six hours at a time, we celebrated! Our daughter who is five years old, has had bed wetting problems, as well as many day “accidents”. On a typical night I was up every two to three hours either with Garrett awake (crying or playing) or taking our five year old to the potty or changing sheets. Then when all was quiet, I would lay in bed in pain trying to sleep.

Life is so different now! All three children began chiropractic care about two months ago. Within two adjustments, Garrett was sleeping eight to twelve hours every night and taking a one to two hour nap every day! AND our five year old has not had ANY accidents, day or night!

Chiropractic care will be a way of life for us. I thank God for answered prayers in the care and education that our chiropractors have provided.
— Rachel
Rachel and Family in 2014

Rachel and Family in 2014

frances jones

frances jones

Frances’s Story

I am an eighty year old mother of four girls, eight grandchildren and twenty three great grandchildren. I have been a faithful patient at Rollette for 25 wonderful years. The pain used to overtake my body to the point of agony. After I went for an adjustment with God’s help my pain began to slowly subside. I still look forward to my adjustment every other week. I am so elated to have come in contact with Rollette Chiropractic Center for the wonderful job they did to help me feel alive again.

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary and may God continue to richly bless you to help people like me.
— Frances Jones


Emily’s Story

Starting in early infancy my older daughter, Mary, had odd bouts of vomiting that, while usually brief, were often very difficult to deal with while they were occurring. Every few months or so, usually first thing in the morning, anything that was put in her mouth would immediately come back up. After an hour or two, she would doze off for a bit and wake with no apparent ill affects. We always found it strange and troubling, but when we mentioned our concerns to various physicians, we were told it was nothing to worry about.

That all changed when Mary was 2 1/2. She came down with what appeared to be a garden-variety stomach bug on a Sunday afternoon. Within a few hours, though, she was vomiting every 15 minutes. We bounced between ERs and clinics for the next 24 hours until Mary was finally admitted to the hospital for rehydration. By this point, she was lethargic, in pain, unable to keep down even tiny sips of water, and a strange, acrid smell was emanating from her pores. Her pediatrician was shocked to find that she had gone into metabolic acidosis. Days later, she was finally diagnosed with paralytic ileus, a cessation of function in the section of a intestine. We were assured that it was a consequence of the virus she contacted, and was in no way related to the similar but (self-limiting) episodes she’d suffered in the past.

Unfortunately, her symptoms continued. We followed up with a pediatric surgeon and a gastroenterologist at two different children’s hospitals. They ran several more tests, and the G.I. specialist we saw delivered a bewildering and frightening pronouncement: a diagnosis of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, or CVS. He warned us that CVS struck most often during periods of excitement and activity, like holidays and vacations and birthdays, and that treatment must be sought immediately, because there were an alarming number of fatalities associated with even slight delays in treatment. In short, our daughter could die of this. No parent ever, ever wants to hear the word “fatal” used in conjunction with his or her child’s disorder, even when the blow is supposedly softened with a qualifier like “potentially” — it’s as if all the air leaves the room in that instant. That aside, what kind of quality of life could our daughter expect when every cornerstone of a normal, happy childhood became a trigger for serious illness? I didn’t—I couldn’t—accept that.

I begin scouring the internet for ideas, grasping at straws. One of the first things I uncovered was an article touting chiropractic care as a remedy for symptoms similar to hers. My father recommended Rollette Chiropractic Center, and I called and scheduled Mary’s first appointment right away. I’ll admit that, prior to that consultation, I was largely ignorant about what chiropractic care entailed.

All that changed as soon as we walked into the office. I felt this immediate sense of well-being, and by the time the appointment was over, my mood had changed from one of quiet desperation to a feeling of hope and rightness (for lack of a better word). When Dr. Dale explained to me how chiropractic care worked, it occurred to me that maybe there might be some way to combat this awful CVS diagnosis after all.

Mary’s treatment continued, and my husband and I were stunned by her turnaround. She had improved significantly within a month, and by the end of her first six months of treatment she was like a different child. The acid test came just before Christmas, when we took a family trip to Disney World. In spite of encountering nearly every single known trigger for severe CVS episodes, she handled the adventure beautifully. I’ll never forget the sight of my bright-eyed, animated, healthy three-year-old watching the Magic Kingdom Christmas Parade from atop her father’s shoulders, dizzy with joy.

Today, we’ve become such believers that our entire family are regulars in the office. What Dr. Dale, Dr. Denise, and Dr. Franco have done for us goes beyond the most basic aspects of chiropractic treatment to comprise true health care—a rare find these days. There are simply no words that will express our gratitude, particularly when we look at our bright, bubbly, wonderfully normal child and consider what might have been.
— Emily

Kris’s Story

I’ve suffered with migraines for the past 4 years, beginning with our first pregnancy. They’ve grown in frequency and intensity each year with no relief in sight. 2 years ago I found a neurologist/headache specialist that began a quest to improve my quality of life. During my first year of treatment, we tried 2 preventative meds with a supplement med, 9 various acute/rescue meds, plus 2 additional preventative meds for my weather and travel related migraines, then finally Botox injections. Following my 2nd injection, a headache progressed into a migraine that I would end up having for 31 STRAIGHT DAYS! During this time I began reacting to all of medications; every dose made me physically ill until for 5 days I couldn’t keep down food. My doctor was unavailable to see me during this time and recommended I go to the ER. But I was done with experimenting with medication and getting sicker with each thing I tried. I’d also tried everything people suggested, with no effect or intensified pain or sickness. So I QUIT EVERYTHING! On October 1st I stopped all medication. 

Finally, in total despair I followed the advice of a friend to try chiropractic care. My thermal imaging & X-rays were very eye-opening. I learned more in my initial consultation than I had in 3 years of care with various doctors for my scoliosis, deteriorating discs, and migraines! We mapped out a plan of care and began sessions 3 times a week. At the end of my 2nd week (6th session), October 12, I walked out MIGRAINE FREE after 31 days of pain! I have only had one migraine since then! ONE single 5 hour hormone migraine. Chiro care has given me my life back! The migraine relief has been the biggest improvement but they’ve helped my body began healing itself in so many other areas too, like my back and sinuses! Who knew?!?!

I wish I’d known sooner in life the great benefits of chiropractic care but I’m a firm believer now. And I want to share it with the world! I owe a insurmountable debt of gratitude to the amazing team at Rollette Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeffrey Franco . They’ve given me restorative health I no longer knew was possible for me. My life is forever changed.
— Kris

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