April 2019

We're going "Back to Nature" to help you reclaim your ideal state of health this month. Learn more about how the following practices can help to enhance your everyday experience and get you to your long-term wellness goals.


DEEP Tissue massage

Deep tissue massage can help to relieve tension and ease muscle pain, which in turn can reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) your body produces. Cortisol can have many negative effects on your body's function, so it naturally follows that there are numerous health benefits associated with keeping cortisol levels in check. 

silver 2.jpg

colloidal silver

Silver is known to limit the growth of certain pathogens that are toxic to the human body, and silver can be used safely as an immune supplement. Colloidal silver is an inexpensive alternative for fighting infection without the potential side effects common to pharmaceuticals. However, only true colloidal silver is effective. 

Standing Row.jpg

standing row challenge

The standing row exercise targets the latissimus dorsi, your largest back muscle, to increase strength and improve posture. Invest a few dollars in a set of resistance bands and follow our 30-Day Challenge to integrate this simple, low-impact exercise that can done practically anywhere into your regular routine.