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Relief for Neck, Back, or Joint Pain

Chiropractic adjustments are therapeutic, non-invasive, gentle and are designed to relieve neck, back, and joint pain. By reducing joint restrictions and misalignment, inflammation decreases and the function of both the joint and nervous systems improves.

Neck Pain

The doctors of Rollette Chiropractic Center offer safe, non-invasive care for addressing issues that cause neck pain, including a condition we refer to as "text neck". Smartphone technology has led to a dramatic increase in neck pain for people of all ages, as the posture we adopt when looking at smartphones puts greatly increased pressure on the head and neck. Chiropractic adjustments and "retraining" the cervical spine to return to its natural shape can help to relieve pain associated with text neck, as well as other causes of neck pain and discomfort. Headaches can also occur as a result of misalignment of the neck vertebrae.

Chiropractor applying pressure onto upper back muscles.

Back Pain Relief

Driving for long periods, heavy lifting, or sitting at a desk all day are all activities that can contribute to back pain. Many people experience pain in the upper back, low back, or sciatic area on a regular basis. If you're in or near the Hammond area, Rollette Chiropractic Center can help you address those issues and find relief from numerous types of back pain, no matter what the cause. 

Shoulder Pain Relief

Rotator cuff injuries, "pinched nerves", and arthritis can all contribute to a feeling of pain or numbness in the shoulder and arm. Our chiropractors at Rollette Chiropractic Center focus on relieving those symptoms with customized adjustments designed to improve functioning in the shoulder joint. We also use specialized techniques to alleviate pain and dysfunction in other joints, such as the knees, ankles, and wrists. 

Pain Relief: A Chiropractic Approach

If you have questions about how our team at Rollette Chiropractic Center can help you, schedule a consultation today by calling 985-345-9504. We will discuss the best chiropractic care plan to provide pain relief for your neck, back, joint or shoulder pain.

If you would like for us to perform a complimentary check of your in-network and out-of-network benefits to see how your healthcare coverage can help support your care in our office, please have your insurance card or policy information ready when you call.

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