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Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic is the art, philosophy, and science of all things natural. We’re glad you have chosen chiropractic as your mode of health care, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope your chiropractic experience is a positive one.

About Chiropractic Care

How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic addresses vertebral subluxations, which occur when the bones in your spine (vertebrae) move out of alignment. These positional changes can create pressure on the nerves that branch off the spinal cord, causing inflammation and irritation. This in turn interferes with the function of these nerves. Chiropractors are the only professionals who are specifically and arduously trained to detect and correct subluxations, thus restoring optimal function of the nervous system.This video offers a quick and dynamic overview of exactly how subluxations affect the nervous system, and how chiropractic care can lead to better health and healing overall.

What are some of the symptoms of subluxations?

Many people associate subluxations with pain, specifically back pain or neck pain. However, pain is often one of the last symptoms of a subluxation to appear--and occasionally one that never materializes. Inflammation and nerve irritation can cause dysfunction in literally any bodily system. As a result, many patients not only find relief from common ailments such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort, but from more systemic complaints like fatigue or insomnia. Others may feel quite well, but do not realize that long-term vertebral subluxations are subtly impacting their current health and endangering their future well-being.

Who is most at risk of subluxations?

If you have a spine, you probably have subluxations. Some of our most basic human experiences, going all the way back to the birth process, are likely to shift the bones in the spine into less-than-ideal positions. If these alignment problems are never corrected through chiropractic care, they will never get better on their own. In fact, most will advance over time. Only after progressive mechanical changes have occurred, producing malfunction in the nervous system, do actual “symptoms” appear. Therefore, similar to periodic dental examinations, chiropractic spinal examinations are an absolute must from infancy on.

What happens when you receive a spinal adjustment?

Don’t be fooled by the notion that vertebrae just “pop in” or “pop out” of place. The purpose of a correction program is to make the structural changes necessary to reduce the subluxation complex and nerve irritation, strengthen spinal weaknesses and imbalances, and correct any reversible damage or degeneration that has occurred.

When you receive an adjustment, there is normally a feeling of movement in the joints of your spine. You may also hear a “click”. The clicking comes from separation of the joint surfaces, and this separation causes a bubble to be formed in the joint fluid. When the tension on the bubble reaches a certain point, the bubble will pop, producing the sound you hear. This is the same principle as a glass lifted off the surface of a wet tabletop. Rest assured that nothing is being ground or cracked; in actuality, it is the opposite, or the separation of the joints, causing the popping phenomenon. As you have been instructed following your first adjustment, please use the correct terminology of chiropractic adjustment (never “popping”, “cracking”, etc.)

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

When administered by a trained and licensed chiropractor, spinal adjustments are safe and effective for people of all ages. Chiropractors use a variety of specialized techniques to tailor their approach to each patient's specific needs. Even newborn babies can be safely and gently adjusted, using about the same amount of light pressure that you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. To learn more about the benefits and safety of chiropractic care for children, visit our Kids & Chiropractic page.

How soon will I begin to feel better after I begin my care?

To make an actual lasting structural and mechanical change takes time. Your entire spine must adapt and compensate for the movement created by a spinal adjustment. In some cases, patients may experience some minor discomfort. This is due to the movement created in the spinal joints by the adjustment where there has been relatively little movement for some time. One helpful way to mitigate this discomfort is to employ massage therapy in tandem with your chiropractic care.

If I start to feel better, does that mean it's time to discontinue my care?

Just as you wouldn't permanently stop seeing your dentist after having a cavity filled, your spine does not stop needing care as soon as your symptoms are relieved. Preventive health care is the most logical, rational and effective form of health care. It is truly the health care of the future. In order to ensure that an optimal state of wellness is maintained, every member of your family should be on a program of periodic check-ups for spinal and nerve system health.

About Our Office

Why Rollette Chiropractic Center?

We, the doctors and staff of Rollette Chiropractic Center, strive to create a warm, welcoming, nurturing environment for patients and their families, and to provide the highest-quality care to all who trust us with their health and well-being. We provide a wide variety of services to meet our patients' needs, from chiropractic adjustment to laser therapy (and everything in between). At Rollette Chiropractic Center, we believe in total wellness. We don't just care for the problem; we evaluate, support, and care for the whole person.

How do I begin care with Rollette Chiropractic Center?

To make an appointment for a new patient evaluation, contact our office at (985) 345-9504. You will have the option to fill out your new patient forms and discuss insurance benefits (if applicable) when you call to schedule your first visit. For more information on what to expect at your new patient evaluation, see our page regarding your first visit.

Why is the video of our new patient orientation so important?

Without truly understanding chiropractic and exactly what it is we are doing for you, you will not receive maximum benefit from the health care you receive at this office. Therefore, it is our responsibility and obligation to give you the vital information you need in order for you to get well as quickly as possible. The purpose of the new patient orientation is to teach you about the principles of health and chiropractic, and empower you to participate in your own journey to wellness. Common "dos" and "don’ts" will also be discussed to facilitate the fastest progress toward spinal correction and health.

May I request a specific doctor?

Absolutely. Each patient comes with his or her own unique needs and preferences,  and your comfort is very important to us.

How critical is it to follow my doctor's recommendations?

You must understand and agree that your health is your responsibility. By choosing corrective care, it shows us that you are truly interested in your health, and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve optimal health. Be sure to utilize the vital information you learn at the new patient orientation.

You must also be prepared to adhere to the care schedule that your doctor suggests. The policy of this office is that you make a multiple-appointment schedule for your recommended period of care. Your office visits and comparative examinations are scheduled in advance so you will not have to make a new appointment after each visit. Experience shows us that multiple appointments provide the regularity of adjustments essential to your progress.

If at any time you do not understand any aspect of your care, please ask us.

What does my doctor need to know at each appointment?

With the exception of your initial evaluation, it is not necessary to go over your symptoms on every visit, as your symptoms are not necessarily an example of how your condition is progressing. If you do experience a flare-up or something drastically different, then please tell the doctor and we will make the appropriate changes. Remember that when the symptoms disappear, you have only taken the first step toward regaining your health. Follow through and achieve correction of your spinal condition for maximum benefit and optimal health.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

We ask that our patients make every effort to attend every appointment, as missed appointments may delay progress. Consistency of your adjustments is the key to maximum benefit and correction. However, if you do miss or have to cancel an appointment, please call to make it up as soon as possible. If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment, we will phone you in order to reschedule your visit.

How do I refer others to Rollette Chiropractic Center?

Literally millions of people are suffering needlessly from conditions that can be helped with chiropractic care. The challenge we face is that these people do not know that chiropractic even exists. Part of what you will receive at this office is an education and new perspective on what health really is and how chiropractic relates to it. We ask that you share this knowledge with others so they may also receive the tremendous benefits of chiropractic and live longer, healthier, happier lives. We are never too busy to discuss a health problem of a relative or friend. You may do one of three things to refer another patient to this office for care:

1. Make an appointment for an examination to determine if the problem may be helped with chiropractic care.
2. Reserve seating for them at the next available new patient orientation so they may learn about chiropractic first and then make their own decision regarding their care plan.
3. Give the phone number of the person to the doctor so we may call them personally and discuss their concerns privately on the phone.