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Laser therapy can help you reach your pain relief goals. Care that uses using laser therapy is simple, pain-free, and non-invasive. It results in pain relief from reduced inflammation, enhanced mobility and flexibility, reduced muscle tension, and accelerated recovery times.

Why Choose Laser Therapy?

Pain is a common symptom of many health conditions and injuries, and people with these issues can reach a point where they are desperate for pain relief. Often they only get two approach (or care) options: drugs or surgery. Both of these can be expensive, risky, and lead to unwanted or dangerous side effects, however. Pain medications also only cover the symptoms, even as the underlying problem can continue to get worse. 

A Better Way

But what if we told you there is another choice—one that is simple, quick, and effective? Scientific testing has shown that deep tissue laser therapy (sometimes referred to as “cold laser” or “low-level laser therapy”) reduces pain and inflammation due to injury or disease naturally, safely, and painlessly. This type of laser therapy is FDA-cleared, has been used for decades, and has helped countless people feel better without drugs or surgery at a price they can afford, and yet it remains one of the best-kept secrets in health care.

Tangipahoa Parish Provider

If you’re in Hammond, Ponchatoula, Amite or surrounding areas, Rollette Chiropractic Center is currently the only provider of Class IV laser therapy for people living in or near Tangipahoa Parish. 

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What Laser Therapy Can Do

Deep tissue laser therapy

Deep tissue laser therapy has helped many patients reduce pain and inflammation in places like the upper back, mid-back, low back, neck, knees, shoulders, feet, and sciatic nerve area. These symptoms may be secondary to chronic health problems, acute conditions, sports injuries, or trauma. Most adults can safely receive laser therapy over the region of the body where they are experiencing symptoms. 

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy is tolerated better by patients than many other options, so most adults can safely receive laser therapy that effectively targets the region of the body where they are experiencing symptoms. The following are some of the conditions or injuries that laser therapy has proved to be effective in managing:

  • Neck Pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Tendinitis

  • Muscle Strain or Spasm

How Do I Get Started?


Deep tissue laser therapy penetrates deep into the body's tissues quickly and painlessly to stimulate healing of damaged cells. Many patients find relief within a few 10-15 minute sessions. This type of laser therapy is FDA-cleared and endorsed by many professional medical organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  


More than 2,000 clinical studies conducted on cold laser therapy over the last 30 years have demonstrated its safety and effectiveness. This type of laser therapy stimulates healing by penetrating the body's tissues with light energy, which causes cells to produce more ATP (cellular energy) and ultimately to heal themselves.

Download Research:

Watch this video to see how LightForce™ Deep Tissue Laser Therapy impacts the body at a cellular level to stimulate cellular recovery. All rights property of LiteCure, LLC.

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Your first laser therapy session will be offered at no cost. This policy applies to current patients of Rollette Chiropractic Center as well as anyone who is new to our office. By offering a complimentary session at the outset of care, we can get a better idea of who might be a candidate for laser therapy without undue cost to the patient.

After the first session, laser packages offer both the best value and the greatest chance for success. Laser packages are sold in groups of six (6) sessions. Once a patient has completed a package, a special maintenance rate will be available.

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