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New This Month

June 2020

It's Men’s Health Month, so we wanted to remind you how we are committed to men's health awareness and how chiropractic care plays a part.

We offer services to relieve back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, which can in turn result in muscle strength, better sleep, improved posture, and reduces the risk for common male health problems.

When the spine is properly aligned, the body is stronger and healthier making life more enjoyable!

15% Off Vitamin C
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Bed Boss Pillows
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Product of the Month

15% Off Vitamin C

Why take Vitamin C supplements?

Vitamin C is not made or stored in our bodies, so it is crucial we take the supplements daily. It helps to prevent bruising, promotes healing, and keeps ligaments, tendons and gums strong. Plus, Vitamin C helps lubricate the joints and plays a role in protecting our bones.

This month we are offering Vitamin C for 15% off to ensure your on a path of wellness. Ask us today for more information about how Vitamin C can fit into your care plan.

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Featured Product

Bed Boss Pillows

If you're sleeping on an old, flat, lumpy, or poor-quality pillow, check out our full line of Bed Boss pillows: Melody, Superb, and Crown Contour. Bed Boss pillows are hypoallergenic, designed for ideal sleep support and comfort, and extremely durable. Additionally, they're made with materials that are free of a number of common household toxins, and they aren't treated with harmful fire retardants.

Take this opportunity to get a Bed Boss pillow today, and wake up tomorrow very glad that you did!

The Crown Contour pillow has a convenient shoulder notch for side sleepers and a removable bamboo cover for easy cleaning.

  • MSRP: $69.95
  • Our regular price: $50.00
  • Price with additional 20% discount: $42.50*
Crown Contour.png

The Superb pillow features a luxurious down-alternative cover and shredded gel foam internal padding, which can be removed as needed to customize support and comfort.

  • MSRP: $59.95
  • Our regular price: $40.00 (33% off MSRP)
  • Price with additional 20% discount: $34.00*
Superb pillow.jpg

The Melody pillow is the perfect size for travel, and helps keep you cool with a special gel foam pouch inside.

  • MSRP: $29.95
  • Our regular price: $25.00
  • Price with additional 20% discount: $21.25*

*Prices shown do not include tax

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