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The Legacy of Chester Wilk, DC

April 25, 2022

Thank you to Pat Mc of Syntropy Chiropractic Training for sharing the following tribute:

RIP to a legend.  Most people outside of the chiropractic profession aren’t aware that there was a secret committee in the American Medical Association to “contain and eliminate Chiropractic”.  Chiropractors were so successful against tremendous opposition, that the medical profession wanted to destroy them.  This man, Chester Wilk, sued the AMA, and over the course of 14 years it went all the way to the Supreme Court.  

By the grace of God, an AMA insider sent the internally leaked documents to Wilk. The Supreme Court decided in 1987 in Wilk’s favor and the AMA had to publish public retractions in their publications.  However, organized campaigns still go on to this day.  I’m certain that they learned from their error and no documents will ever be leaked again.  

Chiropractic has survived and thrived through incredible opposition for one reason only: miracles happen daily in our offices. We have a philosophy that states the body is intelligent and self-healing and self-regulating, but it’s not the philosophy.  We have evolved over the last 127 years more than 300 named techniques, but it’s not the technique.  It’s the results.  Almost every chiropractor in the world has built their practice on the failures of other “health” practitioners. Most people come to us as a last resort.

It’s not because we’re amazing healers, it’s because we remove interference to the expression of the greatest intelligence in the known universe.  THAT is a threat to the most profitable industry on Earth that depends on you believing that health comes from a pill or external intervention.  Chiropractic will ALWAYS be maligned as long as the pharmaceutical industry sends more lobbyists to Washington than any other industry.  It will always be maligned as long as 75% of the ad revenue to the media comes from the pharmaceutical industry.  

However, just like Dr. Wilk, we’ll keep pushing forward, growing by results, watching skeptics and critics become ardent supporters because of results.  Thank you Dr. Chester Wilk for your service!  Your life mattered.

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