"May" We Help You?

May tends to be a busy, chaotic month for many of us, and the team at Rollette Chiropractic Center would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our practice members how critically important it is to take time to care for themselves. Even 5 minutes to stop and reflect on our blessings, cultivate a grateful mindset, and be mindful of our feelings and actions can make a world of difference in the way we cope with the frenetic pace of our everyday lives.


Challenge of the month

Yoga offers numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. It can increase your flexibility, improve your balance, decrease your cholesterol levels, help with stress and pain relief, aid in weight management, facilitate better circulation, provide inner peace, and focus your attention on the present.

For the month of May, we've created a 31-Day Yoga Challenge that alternates between two different beginner-level yoga poses, the Tadasana (Palm Tree) Pose and the Warrior One Pose, to introduce the benefits of yoga to our practice members and help them integrate it into their daily routines. For more details on how to participate, see our 31-Day Yoga Challenge infographic.


massage spotlight

Massage therapy is an excellent addition to your regular chiropractic care, and our in-house massage therapists make the process more convenient and comfortable for you. Therapeutic massage can help to relieve muscle tension, alleviate pain from chronic issues such as arthritis, and decrease stress levels. Massage gift certificates also make great Mother's Day gifts! They're simple to purchase and package, and are always appreciated.

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product of the month

Hormones play a key role in how we handle the physical, cognitive, and emotional demands of our everyday lives, but our hormone levels often diminish as a result of the natural aging process. DIM Enhanced from Douglas Laboratories is specially formulated to help maintain a healthy balance of critical hormones and support immune function. Get your first 60 doses of DIM Enhanced for 15% off this month only!